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Rate my model

A tool for scientists and philosophers to think about their non-human animal models and have conceptual keys to improve them

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General Description

Rate my model is a tool to assess the overall plausibility of your animal model regarding your question/goal of research.

The evaluation comprises 3 steps to complete:

  1. Experimental context: describe your research context and your scientific question by typing short text.

  2. Internal validity: estimate the fiability of your measures, assess your interpretations, and evaluate the robustness of your results.

  3. External validity: explicit and assess the degree of similarities between your model and its target(s) at different biological level.

  • The score of each criteria: assigned by yourself (-3 to 3).

    • to give yourself a general idea of the strengths and weaknessess.

  • The weight of each criteria: assigned by yourself (0 to 3).

    • 0: the criteria is non applicable (NA) to your model

    • 1: the importance of the criteria is low in assessing the plausibility of your model

    • 2: intermediate importance

    • 3: key aspect of your model

About score and weight (steps 2 and 3)

More information and instructions

  • You can add other criteria to evaluate specificities of your model not taken into account by the general criteria proposed.
  • Add comments to justify each attributed score and associated weight.

    Please run the evaluation for only ONE model and its associated experimental protocol & research question at a time.
    One evaluation : one question of research, and one evaluator.
    If your model can be used to study several phenomena, please repeat the evaluation for each of the phenomena.
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